Pre-filter CLEANAIR is designed for general ventilation and restraining air particles. Be used as pre-filtration or coarse filtration. Ideal for car painting cabins.

Product Specifications/ Technical Parameters: 

  • Material: high-performance synthetic fiber
  • Weight 240gr/m2 – Thickness 20mm
  • Type/Filter Class: SHW-40/G4
  • Size: Roll 2x20m
  • Temperature resistance: 100℃
  • Instantaneous temperature: 120℃
  • Large dust holding capacity (600gr/m2)
  • Low initial resistance (27 Pa)
  • Conforming to the nonflammability standard and classification of European DIN53438-F1 and the United States UL900-Class2

Be widely used in pleated and pocket filters.

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Purchase Quanity Size Color CODE Barcode Package
2552920profil ROLL 2x20 m
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