Terms Of Use

Terms of use


The use of is validating that every user entering and using the services of the Electronic shop is accepting all the below mentioned terms with no exception at all. In case you are not accepting these terms do not move further to any use of this webpage.


The website is owned by the company :


TAKA-TAKA A.E.B.E., 37 Ortansias str., Acharnes, tel : 210612505,



The company Taka-Taka A.E.B.E. is holding the right to revise or to change freely the presuppositions and the terms of exchange of electronic shop, when it is considered necessary, by undertaking the responsibility to advise the consumers for any change, through the pages of this electronic shop.


Informations and articles of website


The company Taka-Taka A.E.B.E. is binded for the accuracy, the truth and the fullness of the informations that are stated within the pages of this website, concerning either the identity of the company either the offered exchange methods through the electronic shop. The company,

within the limits of good faith, is not responsible for mistakes that are owed to malpractice during the insertion of data to the webpage.




The website is offering to its users the capability of product purchase through the uses of electronic commerce according to the special terms that it sets, and by arranging all

issues for the protection of personal information of clients.


Protection Policy for personal Information


The website is committed for the protection of personal information. When you are effecting an order through our website, the information gathered is : name, address, email, address of charging, products purchased etc.


The information given by our clients is used for executing the order and for sending by email

special offers and discounts, provided that the sending of advertising mails is chosen by

the client. The client can ask for discontinuation of postage of advertising emails by stating it at the end of the newsletter that is send to him.


It is confirmed that only certified associates have access to the information of the exchanges and only when that is important, ex. effecting the orders.


Taka-Taka A.E.B.E. is committed not to reveal any data concerning the clients and their exchanges, unless it has written authorization by them or it is imposed by judicial decision or

govermental’s authority decision.










Taka-Taka A.E.B.E. is recognizing the importance of security of Personal Information and

electronic exchanging and has taken all important measures, with the most current and advanced methology , so it ensures maximum security. All information, that is associated with personal information, is considered confidential.


Logging in


By logging-in to the webpage , the user is accepting to give full and accurate details concerning the data that are needed by, to the relevant application for

access to its services. In case of false information given by client, the company has the right to

prohibit any current or future use of the webpage.





Execution of orders


When a date of execution is not stated during the receipt of an order, the order must be effected

within a limit of 30 days after it is receipt by Taka-Taka A.E.B.E., unless there is a problem in the availability of the article and the client has been notified. The orders are effected within the working hours (7:30am-15:30pm), except Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays.


Confirmation of order


Every order is confirmed by email, fax or telephone call.


Cancellation of order


Cancellation of order is only acceptable for as long as there has been no execution of order, or

delivery of article (issue of invoice), either by email either by phone call. You have the capability to be notified about the course of your order, either by phone, either by email.


Return of goods


Return of goods is acceptable within fifteen (15) days, since the delivery date. Returns are

accepted only if the articles you wish to receive are at the condition of receipt. In case of return

you are charged with courier fees. Return of goods that were sold on special offer basis is not accepted.


Special offers


The special offers are valid until end of stock. Return of goods purchased on special offer basis is not accepted.


Availability of products


The company preserves the right to notify the clients in case of future inavailability of ordered

product, for the delivery time. In case the delay of delivery is considered to be profit damaging

for the client, there can be a cancellation of the order without any further claims towards the client. The rest of the order can be effected normally.



Photo material and texts


Spiritual ownership rights


All the material contained in the webpage, including brand names, designs, photos, graphics,

texts etc. is spiritual property of Taka-Taka A.E.B.E.


The company within its exchange limits of the electronic shop is not responsible for further

damages that may come from the execution of order or the delay of execution, for any cause.

The electronic shop is offering its content (ex. information, names, photos etc.), the products

and the services through this website as “exactly they are”. In no case Taka-Taka A.E.B.E. is

responsible by civil or criminal law for any damage (positive, special or surpositive on indication and not on restraint , superlatively or excessively concern profit loss, data, money satisfaction) that the visitor might suffer, or a third party from a cause that is connected to the service or not, and to the use or not of this webpage, and the lack of service delivery and products and information’s stated from this webpage, and from random non allowed interventions of third party to products, services and if stated in this webpage.


Any copy, transfer or creation of work based on the contact of this webpage, any misguidance of the public concerning the owner of this electronic shop, is forbidden. The reproduction, uploading , announcement, transmission, circulation of the content with any other way or mean for commercial or other purposes is allowed only after there is a written approval by the company or by another third party owner of the copyright. Names, images, logos, trade marks, brand names that represent the website with trade name Taka-Taka A.E.B.E., or third parties and their products and services, are exclusive rights of the company or the third parties that produce them, by specific laws concerning trade marks. Their appearance in WebPages must not be seen in any way as transition or approval of rights to experiment.


User’s responsibilities


The users agree and undertake the responsibility of not using the electronic shop and

trade-mark Taka-Taka A.E.B.E. for :


1. Posting, publishing, sending email or transmitting with any other ways any content that is

illegal for any reason, is causing illegal abuse and damage to the company or to any other

third party, is insulting the trustworthiness or confidentiality of information of any individual.


2. Posting, publishing, or sending by email or transmitting with any other ways any content

that is abuse against human rights, social values, spiritual beliefs, under aged personality etc.


3. Posting, publishing, or sending by email or transmitting with any other ways any content

that the users have no right to transmit according to the law and the agreements that are in

power (like internal information that were acquired or revealed as part of working affairs or

covered by confidentiality agreements).


4. Posting, publishing, or sending by email or transmitting with any other ways any content

that is abusing any patent, trademark, commercial secret or copyright or other property rights

of third party.


5. Posting, publishing, or sending by email or transmitting with any other ways any content

that is containing any computer virus software, codes, data or programs that are designed for

interrupting, causing damage, destroying the company’s hardware of software.



6. For violation on purpose or with no intention, of current laws.


7. Abusing third party with any means.


8. Collecting or storing personal data concerning the users.


Current law


All exchanges that are effected through is protected by European and Greek law concerning the electronic trade and also by the law protecting consumers

(N. 2251/1994) adjusting issues concerning sales from distance.