Private label production

Our company was the first company to invest in the Greek market for the converting and packaging of mops on 1980 and gradually specialized in the production of private-label cleaning products.

In the course of time, we have invested in innovative production machines to assist us to enhance our cleaning product range.

Nowadays TAKA -TAKA A.E.B.E. with production and warehouse-sales space of 2.000/M2 in the Industrial Area of Aharnai - Athens, can offer you a big range of Household and Professional Cleaning items on very competitive pricing terms.

Our private label service characteristics are :

  • On-time delivery
  • Production based on the client's requirements
  • Specialized personnel with 40 years experience on private label production
  • Ability to deliver big quantities in short time
  • Competitive pricing

Our client list consists of some of the biggest retailers in Greece, in Cyprus and the surrounding Balkan countries.

Contact us so we can plan the production of the item you need with your commercial logo and packaging.

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