The Company

Welcome to TAKA-TAKA A.E.B.E.

Our Company has been involved in Domestic and International trade for almost half a century since it was founded in 1966 as a family business, and in the subsequent years, it grew to the level that it is today.

Since its first steps our company has been   driven by three basic principles :

“ Goods better than samples”

“ We keep our word even if we lose money “

“ Every reasonable comment of our customers is the contribution of further improvement of our service"

During our many years of trading activity in Imports-Exports, and in triangle sales on an international basis, our company has achieved respect and its reliability is recognized both by our suppliers and our clients.

The trading articles vary depending on markets demands during the course of time like shoes, textiles, food-stuffs, but since 1985 the exclusive main trading lines were based on household and cleaning articles.

The structure of the company, the proper management and the right choices created the possibility to be upgraded in 2008 as Societe Anonyme (S.A.) and adopting as new name one of its most popular trading brand name as “ TAKA-TAKA A.E.B.E.”.

The basic characteristic of the company now is that everybody from the working staff is, either member of the board of administration, or shareholder, thus, the company is not only preserving the same spirit of basic principles of 1966, but it also guarantees the utmost respect and reliability, which means the commonly said: “ You can sleep quietly”.

Nowadays TAKA -TAKA A.E.B.E. with production and warehouse-sales space of 2.000/M2 in the Industrial Area of Aharnai - Athens, is specialized in articles such as Domestic and Professional Cleaning, Self-Protection, Household and in raw materials respective to the above articles.

Our articles are produced, either by our latest technology machinery or imported from innovative and reliable companies recognized all over the world, their selection effected after our detailed test investigation from all points of view.

Additionally, we have the manufacturing and commercial flexibility adjusted on the needs of our customers, thus, offering innovative initiatives, both highly advanced and classic procedures, that in combination with a raw material of new technology they give to our client's revolutionary fruitful solutions.

Our long-age experience, the use of the latest technology, the every day look-out of the latest international developments and our devotion to our job, they are guaranteeing the best regarding price, quality and service.

Based on the agreements we have made, our clientele is including famous food-stuffs industries, public organizations, ship’s-chandlers, companies supplying HO.RE.CA sector, and also the everyday consumers that can find our products, either in supermarkets mostly on private-label, or in other selling places with one of our registered brand names: TAKA-TAKA, SANDRA, JANA, DOLPHIN and LABICO.

Our continuous efforts for achieving the best possible combination between price-quality and for effecting an in-time and correct delivery, are the essential elements that will guide us to our future course.