Microfiber yarn is produced by the composition of polyester and polyamide fibers, and they are less than ½ of fine silk diameter, 1/3 of cotton yarn diameter, ¼ of wool yarn diameter and 1/100 of human hair diameter.
It removes dust and dirt even from the most difficult parts without leaving strains.
It absorbs rapidly all fluids, dries quickly and saves times in cleaning process.
It has soft touch that protects from scratching the sensitive surfaces.
It does not need chemical for cleaning, just water.

It is appropriate for household use , automotive care, industrial cleaning , optical material etc.

You can use it dry or damp to clean all kind of surfaces.
It can be used over 2.000 times.
It can be washed in washing machine up to 90 ْC.
Do not use softener, bleach and do not iron it.

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