Steelwool LABICO rolls 1kg , with medium thickness fibers, are the solution for the professionals of cleaning and are suitable for :
• Wooden surface care
LABICO steelwool  shines and smoothens all wooden surfaced furnitures, it cleans the surface  before it is waxed and additionally it removes remains of bad quality wax.
• Steel / Metallic surface care
LABICO steelwool  removes rust, fats, intensive smoke remains from grills, it cleans tools and every metallic surface exposed to exterior spaces, it shines metallic household utensils (pots, pans etc.) without scratching, it cleans metallic parts of automotive machinery, it removes salts and unwanted stains from stainless hygiene products.  
• Glass surface care
LABICO steelwool  removes glue, silicone, color and other chemical wastes from glass without scratching.
• Floor surface care
LABICO steelwool  removes cement, glue, block fillers material from marble, granite, tile, whereas it  has ideal results in the cleaning procedure of tiles joints from dust, oil and intensive stains.

Purchase Quanity Size Color CODE Barcode Package
Roll 1 kg. 09.43.33 5202630098548 POLYBAG 5 ROLLS X 1KG = 5 KGS
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