The Microfiber Yarn Mop CRYSTAL LABICO is our new product addition.

It is manufactured in our production plant and is made of material of ​​European origin.

We use 100% polyester microfiber yarn in 2 colors, braided every few millimeters so it does not leave lint behind during use to remove any trace of dust and dirt, while the mop cap keeps the mop firmly in place.

The microfiber yarn is made of highly modern machines. The production process involves the removal of polyester oils and paraffin thus having :

  • 30% greater absorption 
  • 30% larger yarn volume 
  • 30% faster absorption speed
  • 30% faster liquid rejection speed thus having easier wringing.

In this way, the mop absorbs faster, does not leave moisture and the floor is dry in half the time than after cleaning with a usual mop. 

To clean you only need water ( cold temperature suggested), but it can also be used with detergents even with chlorine.

It is recommended for sensitive surfaces such as tile, parquet etc.

Choose it for its high absorbencyeasy wringer and quick drying of surfaces.

A try will convince you.

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Purchase Quanity Size Color CODE Barcode Package
00583.16.CRYST 5202630150406 1 CARTON = 32 PCS